Our Sunday Eucharistic celebration shares many things in common with the Roman Church and differs with others.  Below you will find the similarities and differences.  Our celebration begins at noon every Sunday.

Power/decision-making: congregational model
Bishop, elected (presiding model)
Priesthood, ordained (married/women/GLBT)
Full sacramental participation by all
GLBT, fully-inclusive; gay marriage
Family planning
Disagreement regarding the absolute authority of the Pope
Full implementation of Vatican II
Respect and value of individual conscience
Novus Ordo, Roman Missal, 2nd Edition

Celebrate The Eucharist At Good Shepherd ANCC

Radical monotheism of God
Apostolic Succession
Scientific biblical-historical scholarship
Nicene Creed
Salvific Act of Christ
Economy (i.e., plan) of salvation
Marian theology

Good Shepherd ANCC celebrates the Eucharist Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 8am and 10am.

All those of Catholic faith are welcome to attend our celebration.