Similarities To The Roman Catholic Church
     Radical monotheism of God
     Apostolic Succession
     Scientific biblical-historical scholarship
     Nicene Creed
     Salvific Act of Christ
     Economy (i.e., plan) of salvation
     Marian theology
Differences With The Roman Catholic Church
     Power/decision-making: congregational model
     Bishop, elected (presiding model)
     Priesthood, ordained (married/women/GLBT)
     Full sacramental participation by all
     GLBT, fully-inclusive; gay marriage
     Family planning
     Disagreement regarding the absolute authority of the Pope
     Full implementation of Vatican II
     Respect and value of individual conscience
     Novus Ordo, Roman Missal, 2nd Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

We were founded in 2009 as a contemporary expression of Catholicism.  We trace our independent lineage through Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte-Costa of Brazil.

Bishop Duarte-­Costa was a prophetic herald of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. In as early as 1936, he called for the celebration of the liturgy in the vernacular while facing the people, a greater role of the laity in the liturgy including as Eucharistic ministers, and reception of the Eucharist in both bread and wine.  His call for married clergy and general absolution has been realized in the ANCC.

We are absolutely committed to the implementation of the full vision of the Second Vatican Council, believing that the Council’s work and wisdom was a high water mark in the history of the Church.  We are heirs of that legacy, committed to its ongoing implementation.

We continue a rich tradition of grace-filled sacraments and a lived commitment to social action. In parishes and prisons, in hospitals and hospices, the ANCC is daily witnessing to the redeeming love of a welcoming God – a God whose love is beyond our wildest imagining.

The American National Catholic Church is a valid expression of Catholicism outside of the Roman Church.  We follow the teachings of the Bible, the Seven Sacraments, and the empowering and joyful growth of the Second Vatican Council.